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The Calgary specialists for mold remediation, mold removal and grow-op cleanup

If you suspect the presence of mold in your home or commercial building, you need to take immediate action to remedy the situation. Breathing in toxic mold spores is harmful and can even cause respiratory illness and autoimmune disease.

When you contact JAD Environmental Services to investigate, we’ll send a mold and air quality inspector to your location as soon as possible. Our consultants are fully qualified to determine whether you need a mold removal service or marijuana grow-op remediation for your Calgary property.


The signs of mold
If you see black moldy growths on any surface in your home or building, or if you notice a mildew odour but you can’t find the source, call JAD Environmental Services immediately.


You may also have good reason to suspect the presence of toxic mold if you observe any of the following conditions:

  • Humid air in poorly ventilated buildings or marijuana grow-op houses
  • Lingering dampness in walls, window frames, cupboards, floors or ceilings
  • Standing water after flooding
  • Moisture problems in bathroom, basement or kitchen sink areas


Mold remediation Services in Calgary

At JAD Environmental Services, we take a five-step approach to mold remediation:

  1. Inspection. After a mold and bacteriological assessment, our inspector gives you a report and estimate for remediation so you can take action fast.
  2. Containment. We use physical barriers and negative-pressure atmosphere to isolate the rooms where mold is present. This lets us proceed with mold removal without causing spore infiltration elsewhere in the building.
  3. Mold removal. We dismantle and remove any walls, flooring, cabinets or other materials that are hosting mold. We seal all affected materials in approved bags and dispose of it correctly.
  4. Cleanup. We clean all non-removable surfaces in a negative-pressure environment with HEPA vacuums and safe cleaning products.
  5. Post-testing. The JAD Environmental Services stamp of approval is the assurance you need that your building or home is safe to use once again.
  6. Air Quality consists of CO2 humidity temperature and VOC’s and other air quality testing
  7. Toxic Matter such as synthetic chemicals and metals ect.
  8. Fire and Smoke Restoration such as smoke damage clean up


Marijuana grow-op remediation in Calgary

When you call us to clean up a marijuana grow house or warehouse, we move through each step with the utmost care and consideration for you and all future users of the building. We know you want to stop the environmental damage to your property so it can become an asset rather than a liability.


Contact us today to request an inspection and estimate for mold removal, mold remediation or grow-op remediation in Calgary.